Sausalito On Line Art Festivals


Sausalito, America's Premiere Waterfront Art Festival, and many other major regions throughout California, feature annual Art events. These, two or  three day events attract very diversified art works, by artists from throughout the United States.

Once the event is over most visitors forget or lose the business cards, they accumulated from the many artists they saw and met at a event.

Now this site will present these many artists that exhibit at these various festivals and open studio events, on a 24/7/12 basis. This tent is never taken down, as its a time to celebrate the eclectic talents of the artists.

We honor these artists by creating this special exhibition, which can be observed by art collectors, and those appreciative of the arts, 365 days a year

Additionally, the annual spring and winter open studio festivals should be viewed in the same manner and will be exhibiting them, here in the same manner.

Remember the Open Studios Artists facilities are open for visitation, all year round, with an appointment.


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